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Executive Bachelor Business Administration

The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) program at our institution is tailored for professionals seeking career advancement. With a robust curriculum spanning various business domains including financial management, human resources, marketing, and operations, our program equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Emphasizing practical learning, we integrate real-world simulations and case studies to provide hands-on experience. Our dedicated faculty members bring extensive industry expertise, offering personalized attention and mentorship to nurture each student's potential.

Upon completion of the program, graduates emerge equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise to propel their careers to new heights.

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"Unlock Executive Opportunities with ABMS's Bachelor of Business Administration Program"

Study Method: Fully Online/Self-Paced


  1. Finance and Accounting

  2. Global Marketing Strategies

  3. Strategic Business Management

  4. Developing Study Skills for Postgraduate Learning

  5. Designing and Developing a Website

  6. Decision and Management Support Systems

  7. International Trade Law

In our Bachelor programs, you will:

  • Advance your career while working full-time.

  • Establish a strong foundation in business fundamentals.

  • Lay the groundwork for future advanced studies and professional success.

  • Develop comprehensive business plans.

  • Analyze and interpret business data effectively.

  • Master various business models to enhance productivity and performance.

  • Deliver articulate oral and written presentations in a business context.

  • Engage in an interactive and high-quality online learning community at SDBS.

  • Collaborate with an esteemed and diverse faculty, bringing extensive experience to the table.

Bachelor in details: 

Duration: 9 Months

Previous Study: High school diploma + 3 years of Management Experience or equivalent

Study Fee: please check the fee page.

English Level: IELTS or equivalent (mandatory for students from non-English speaking countries or those who have not attended an English-speaking school)

Age Requirement: Minimum age of 19 years

Note: If you have any inquiries regarding your suitability for this study program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Academic Information:

Aligned with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Standards and guidelines for quality assurance as per the Bologna Process.

EQF: European Qualifications Framework: This program is at EQF Level 6 (equivalent to bachelor's level).

ECTS: 60 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Accreditations, Quality Assurance & Legalizations: Please refer to "please check the accreditation page"

Award: Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA)

Study fee

Study Fee: click here

Note: The study fee does not include the submission fee of 7 CHF and the application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 95 CHF (one-time payment and non-refundable).

You may check Google, XE, or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency

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