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Study fee

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn/self-study program

All our study fees are in Swiss Francs (CHF)

You may check Google, XE, or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency

The tuition fee on this link is valid for this year:


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  • Submission Fee: 7 Swiss Francs (CHF)

  • Application fee: 95 Swiss Francs (CHF)

Doctorate / DBA study programs

  • Duration of Study: 2 academic years 

  • Study Fee: 29900 Swiss Francs CHF  *1

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Master / MBA study programs

  • Duration of Study: 1 academic year

  • Study Fee: 19900 Swiss Francs CHF *1

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Executive bachelor / EBBA study programs

  • ​Duration of Study: 1 academic year

  • Study Fee: 19900 Swiss Francs CHF *1

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Bachelor / BBA study programs

  • Duration of Study: 3 academic years 

  • Study Fee: 39900 Swiss Francs CHF *1

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​payment in installments CHF

payment in installments possible

Online payments stripe

4% will be added if you pay online via Credit Card

Additional Mandatory Fees 

Submission thesis proposal: 9 CHF (the same for re-submission)

Thesis Defense: 330 CHF for online defense or 1900 CHF for on-campus (in Switzerland) defense

  • Graduation Fees:

  • E-Certificate and Transcript: 99 CHF (You will receive an electronic version of your certificate, and you also can register for the printed version for an extra fee. Our team highly cares about the environment, therefore, we are going totally paper-free and are not providing printed documents by default.)

    • OR Hard copy for the certificate: 995 CHF (MUST BE REQUESTED 15 days before graduation), it includes: 

      • Diploma

      • Transcripts

      • Diploma Supplement - if applicable

      • Legalisation by Swiss Notary

      • Shipment by Swiss Post

  • Exam fee: 79 CHF (for each exam)

Other payments (optional):

  • Supervisor (for the thesis):

    • Bachelor: 100 CHF per trimerster

    • Master: 150 CHF per trimerster

    • Doctorate: 200 CHF per Trimester

  • ​Graduation Ceremony in Switzerland: 490 CHF (if applicable) + 250 CHF

  • Any signed document: 9 CHF - Shipment fee is not included

  • Virtual Learning: 31900 CHF per year

  • Blended Learning: 1500 CHF per week. available only for virtual learning student

  • ASIQUAL UK Validation Certificate: 420 £ (must be paid before the student starts)

  • GAFM USA Validation Certificate: 400 - 990 CHF (Lifetime certificate), the fee depends on the title

  • Additional Transcript: 100 CHF (per Transcript of Academic Record)

  • Diploma Replacement: 985 CHF (per Diploma)

  • Thesis Defence in Switzerland: 1900 CHF

  • Thesis Defence ONLINE: 199 CHF for all students

  • Exam in Switzerland: 900 CHF

  • Financial Statement: 19 CHF

  • Thesis in Different Languages (German, French, Russian, Arabic, or Spanish): 1990 CHF For a Master, 2990 CHF For a Doctorate.

  • Printing your thesis by us every 5000 words for 75 CHF for high quality and 50 for normal quality.

  • Sending any Document by DHL/FedEx/TNT: 150 CHF up to 200g

  • Sending any Document by regular post: 19 CHF up to 200g

  • Joint Award with OUS Switzerland 1500 CHF

  • Dual award with OUS Switzerland 2500 CHF

  • Dual award with the joint program of OUS Switzerland / Taras Shevchenko University / WSB Poland 2900 CHF

  • Dual award with Azteca University additional 9000 CHF

  • Dual Award with UCN University additional 9000 CHF

  • If you don't have a High School Diploma, we have a "Pre University" program (6 months) for 990 CHF

Additional Public Legalizations (optional per any printed Documents)7:

  • International students may request our graduation office to stamp their documents by the Swiss notary and Legalization/Apostille and their embassy in Switzerland.

  • Swiss Public Notary 190 CHF (can be only for the printed certificate)

  • The following additional legalizations can be done only after obtaining the Swiss Notary

  • + Legalization OR Apostille: 390 CHF

  • + Legalization OR Apostille + Swiss Chamber of Commerce: 590 CHF

  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL: + Legalization OR Apostille + Swiss Federal Chancellery: 890 CHF(must have for all students who need embassy legalization)

  • + Legalization OR Apostille + Swiss Federal Chancellery + Your Embassy7 in Zurich: 990 Euro (if the Embassy is in Bern 1190 CHFand if in Geneve 1390 CHF) if the embassy requests also the swiss Chamber of commerce, additional 280 Euro will be applicable.

  • ++ Legalization OR Apostille + Your Embassy in Switzerland + Swiss Chamber of Commerce +  your embassy in Switzerland + Swiss Embassy in your Country: 2990 CHF

  • any other requests, please contact us

Q-Tax fee

8.6is added to each bill.


*1.1. Students who have a sponsor who/which pays their fee, must pay 10% as an additional fee of the total estimated fee. 1.2. Any fees outside this page that differ from the fees on this page should be taken as stated on this page. 1.3. In addition to any fee, there is 8.6% AQT tax will be added to the fee1.4..if the student stays in the course longer than the regular duration, should pay the fees for the extra trimesters.  for example if stays in EBBA for 4 trimesters then should pay for 4 trimesters, not only 3 trimesters. 1.5. The fees of an extra trimester should be paid no longer than 2 weeks before the start of the extra trimester. 1.6. The fee for each extra trimester is 400 CHF or if want to pay 3 additional semesters at once, then will be 990 CHF.

2.1. The fees are subject to change without any prior notice. 2.2. You may check Google, XE, or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency. 2.3. The above study fees are for the online study programs, students who would like to join the virtual education program have to pay 12k to 16k € / Per Semester, based on level 2.4. 

 3.1 The durations written on the website are the minimum duration to finish each specific program. The trimester duration is 3 months. 3.3. The academic year is 9 months or 3 trimesters. The calendar year is 4 trimesters.

4. The re-defense, and any other you repeat are not written on the page. (Re-defense: Bachelor:900 euros, Master 1900 euros, Doctorate 2900 euros)

5. We will send your diploma and transcript by Swiss Post free of charge, but for some countries we recommend sending the documents by DHL / FedEx / TNT or similar shipping companies to your home, please note that we issue our diploma during the graduation ceremony (June/December) however if a student wishes to have it as soon as possible it is possible for an additional fee (1500 CHF). Please note: our awards are issued two times per year, usually at the end of June and the end of December. it takes up to 30 working days to have all graduation documents (diploma, transcript, etc) from the months mentioned before and up to 120-140 working days for legalizations within Switzerland.

6.1  If your embassy is charging more than 100 CHF for each legalization then you have to pay the difference, please note that the highest stamp from an embassy is 1200 CHF. 

7. direct enrollment into the upper trimester has an extra fee of 990 CHF (for example direct entry into the 2nd year bachelor).

8. by applying to dual or joint award, the title might vary form SDBS Diplom.

9. early exit has an extra fee of 990 CHF (for example exit after 1st-year bachelor and obtaining 1-year Diploma).

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